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Specialist case management, rehabilitation and EEA consulting services added to our menu …

With Dr Sarah Whitehead having joined Burns-Hoffman Consulting in January 2019 we are delighted to offer an expanded consulting service specifically designed to address rehabilitation, case management and specific Employment Equity Act matters. 

These services are all provided on an hourly rate basis as set out in the 2019 fee structure.

A short description of each service provided by the BH rehabilitation specialist is set out below.

Rehabilitation / case management suitability file review:

One of the greatest challenges for claims personnel is to identify the most suitable candidates for rehabilitation and case management, especially with regard to where there is likely to be the most optimal return-on-investment.

Dr Whitehead is well versed in assessing who is most suitable to what type of rehabilitation and or case management program and is also able to estimate the probability of successful take-up, engagement and outcome. 

A rehabilitation / case management suitability file review provides input on the above, enabling the claims assessor to better determine claimant suitability, appropriate rehabilitation process and cost.

Case management program advice and review:

Dr Whitehead is available to provide advice to claims assessors, as well as carry out a review on case management programs prior to, during and post the process once a claimant has been selected for and or has engaged in the program.

A pre- and ongoing assessment of the program enables the claims assessor to accommodate, adjust and alter as necessary in real time, rather than run the risk of a lengthy and or expensive program that may render a less than optimal return on investment.

Claimant contact prior to, during and post-case management:

This service offering entails Dr Whitehead making direct contact with the claimant who is to be – is – or has been engaged in a case management program, so as to ensure that there is no breakdown in communication, understanding and or follow through during the process. 

Although there is a case manager overseeing each program, this service provides objective, specialist, medical rehabilitative input to those engaged in such programs in order to listen to the claimant’s experience, assess their engagement and optimise the outcome. 

Whilst seemingly similar to (2) above, it is the direct contact to the claimant that provides a true value added service to the end user – i.e. the group fund, individual client and claimant.

Employment Equity Act employment alignment:

The World Report on Disability, compiled by the World Health Organisation and World Bank, clearly indicates that South Africa is the poorest employer of those with disabilities on a global scale.  These findings have served to encourage many employers to actively engage in the employment of those who qualify in this domain under the EEA of 1998. 

Irrespective of the criteria set out in the Act, a real challenge to employers has been – and continues to be – how to correctly identify who qualifies as ‘disabled’ according to the terms of legislation. 

Dr Whitehead’s experience – personally and professionally – enables her to provide insightful guidance and advice in this regard.

Direct contact can be made with Dr Whitehead via or via me on

It is our hope that you will find these additional services to be of value.


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