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Never stop learning because life never stops teaching …

The powerful truth of the words in the title of this communique have been actively experienced over the past two months while engaging in training to become a Mediator during October 2017 and rolling out the first ever UCT certified course in ‘The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professional’ during November 2017.

Starting with the above-mentioned expert course – the participation of the attendees during this information packed five day program was absolutely fabulous in every way and the amount of learning and teaching that transpired was truly inspiring.

The ‘court day’ run by Jannie van der Merwe SC and Advocate Paul White appears to have been of tremendous value, during which participants engaged in practical training as experts including pre-trial consultation; being led in examination-in-chief and undergoing cross-examination.  The court day, which was led up to in a specific manner during the first three days of the course, has been requested to be extended into two days in future programs, a suggestion to be considered with counsel when finalising the course program for 2018.  Other feedback calls for the program to run more than twice annually, a matter to be taken up in discussion with the UCT Health Sciences Faculty CEU.

The feedback received from those who chose to take part in the course during the week of the 20th of November 2017 has been overwhelmingly positive, with each of the participants providing valuable input on what they gained from the program, as well as on how to enhance aspects thereof in the future.  A humbling highlight in the year to date!

On another note of learning and teaching, the experience of the potential benefits of facilitated mediation as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool was nothing short of professionally mind blowing when undergoing the MiM / UCT Law Faculty mediation training during October 2017.

Alongside improved service delivery, if applied properly, this ADR tool offers the life insurance industry a great deal, inclusive of more cost effective management of claim amounts and reserves; appropriately managed claim duration and improved control of the claims process.  More importantly however, is the immensely important role facilitated mediation plays in upholding the human right to dignity, as explored in the paper ‘Dignity, disability and insurance – facilitating the balance’

May the remainder of 2017 be as inspiring for you as the final quarter of the year has been for BH Consulting thus far – and may your year end on the highest note yet.

Kind regards


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