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Extending BH Consulting into the Eastern Cape

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea?

Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again.

Change the world.”

Simon Sinek

The extreme adventurer and international motivational speaker Braam Malherbe inspired and fascinated over 40 clients when he shared some of his experiences, insights, lessons and wisdom in the state-of-the-art auditorium of the UCT Lung Institute on the 19th of April 2018.  The volume of positive feedback received following his talk is testimony to his incredible ability to encourage every one of us to do one thing (DOT) to change the world – a journey Braam has successfully been on for decades – and one on which others can join him by linking up with the DOT Foundation via the hyperlink –

Having known Braam for many a year I am no stranger to his belief that ‘nothing is impossible’.  In fact this mutual belief is one of the bonds of our friendship.  While no road I have taken in my exciting and challenging career to date has been quite as extreme as those on which Braam has travelled, some have felt similarly daunting.  Rising up to the challenge of operating in the unique space of the intersection of health, business and law, in the areas of specialisation in which I have chosen to focus, has been – and continues to be – both an adventure and a calling.

The newest adventure on the horizon is that of extending my work into the Eastern Cape from mid-2018 onwards as my husband and I choose to test out our idea of a lifestyle of living and working both from the farm on which I grew up in Hogsback and in Cape Town.

In practical terms I will be working half of the month in the Eastern Cape from my ‘new’ office with a view and the other half in Cape Town, where I recently moved into a lighter, brighter and entirely lovelier office space in Vincent House, one door down from my previous office.

One of the benefits of living in two provinces is the ease with which I will be able to consult in both areas, with East London and Grahamstown being of particularly easy access from Hogsback.  Although Port Elizabeth is a little further away, it too is an area to which I will be able to travel if required.

I will be offering medico-legal and risk functional capacity evaluation consultations in East London and Grahamstown for no travel cost during July and August 2018 and look forward to being of service to clients who find themselves able make use of the offer.

I continue to have a special interest in medical negligence matters as both an expert witness and a mediator, with the former role particularly having led to the development and roll out of the certified expert training of health professionals with the UCT Health Sciences Faculty.  Another area of special interest is in the vital role that mediation can play in reaching resolution in disability and incapacity labour and or claims disputes.

A recently article published in the April edition of Modern Medicine on the role of being an expert witness can be found on the following link: (page 10)

Simon Sinek’s approach to the adventure of life resonates as this new part of my professional journey opens up the doors to many opportunities – after all, what is the good of an idea if it only ever stays an idea …

As always, it would be a privilege to be of service in the coming months.


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