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December 2020 Communique

As we reach the end of this very strange year of entrapment and the mist starts to lift (enabling a glimpse of and allowing hope for a better 2021), it is helpful to reflect on just how much has been learned and gained through the hardships of 2020. 

Whilst many have suffered devastating blows due to the parting of a loved one; the loss of income; the closure of businesses and living in isolation for long periods of time, there are probably more who have adjusted, pivoted, pioneered and gained in a variety of positive ways due to the necessity of survival, support and continued success. 

If ever reinforcement was required for my belief in the power of ingenuity – and in pulling together during times of trial – it has been through the privilege of working with so many different clients across the globe this past year. 

The strength and courage demonstrated in finding innovative ways in which to ‘carry on’ in the world of work has been resounding, remarkable and inspiring; echoing much of the spirit of one of the best speeches of the beginning of the 21st century, given by Barack Obama after his first victory in the elections in 2008, Yes We Can –  “ …. out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can.”

2020 has indeed been a year of ‘yes we can’ across the board and I wish to thank each and every person who has referred to me; worked with me and worked alongside me in making this one of the most productive and engaging professional years of my working life thus far. 

From completing module four of the SCOR legal and practical claims training course online; to training health professionals in becoming competent expert witnesses able to testify on Zoom; to providing a plethora of litigation expert opinions and advising on numerous claims disputes; through to being part of a tremendous amount of business re-strategising, re-negotiating and re-branding, stretching from the USA, across Europe, and the United Kingdom, through to East Africa, South Africa and Asia – and more – it has been an incredible ride!

A ride that no amount of mask-wearing, hand-sanitising or temperature-taking has managed to diminish, but rather has left me more resolute about the truth that I truly thrive on the work I do. 

Even in the most challenging moments, when under what has sometimes felt like excruciating pressure, the people for and with whom I work have lightened the load by simply being there.  To call; to have a chat; to bounce ideas; to plan; to offer encouragement – and on certain days – to simply shoot the breeze … sharing many words that have had the effect of ‘changing the world’ on that particular day.

Thank you!

Although we may not yet be fully free from the web, and the misty damp clouds may not have quite yet cleared, may 2021 soon see the roll-out of the much awaited vaccine; global travel opening up; all of us working with our hard-gained insights into achieving greater efficiently and productivity via the newfound ‘hybrid’ system; a healthier economy; and greater personal health, happiness and prosperity.

I look forward to continuing our journey together in the upcoming 12 months.

Have a blessed festive season and take care.

Kind regards


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