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Living your best life

In my view the most direct and honest way to determine whether one is living one’s best life is to be able to honestly answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:


  • Do I feel fully alive?
  • Am I energised and re-energised by what I do with my days?
  • Am I surrounded by relationships that are meaningful to me?
  • Can I reflect on each day with a sense of fulfilment?
  • Is this life the one I want?

Living your best life is not nearly as complicated or mystical as one might imagine.  In fact, it is really simple.  All one has to do is to know what one wants and then go out and get it.

The sad truth is that many have lost touch with who they are and what they want. Years of expectation, disappointment, disillusion and tough times erode confidence and belief in making the world the oyster it was once believed to be.  And so life slips into a state of compromise and living one’s best life is delegated to the ‘lucky few’.

This blog spot – and my coaching approach – focuses on helping individuals find their best life (personal and professional) via a path of rediscovery of their unique personal energy, supported by various practical structural methodologies and techniques that enhance achievement and success.

Personal energy is at the core of our effectiveness in life.  If we do not consciously understand, manage, maintain and replenish it as is required, each of our individual sources of power will become as vulnerable as Eskom has become to a total shutdown.  Unlike Eskom however there is uniqueness to each individual’s source of power and there is no such luxury as ‘one size fits all’.  It is getting to appreciate and work with this uniqueness in each of us that keeps the lights on – literally and figuratively – and in so doing, assists us in living our best life as well as getting through the difficult times that inevitably crop up on occasion.

There are many facets to our personal energy, some of which relate to trust; the quality and integrity of the information that surrounds us daily; our individual value and belief systems and our thought patterns.  When these elements are out of alignment, our personal energy suffers.  For example: if one values time with one’s family but works in an environment where family life is not valued and one is expected to be away from home in the never ending pursuit of financial profit, it is only a matter of ‘when’ before things will go awry.  Whether it takes the form of ill health; inappropriate behaviour in the professional domain; a divorce … whatever it is …. something will ultimately give in.  Living out of alignment with one’s personal value system is simply not sustainable.

Although living one’s best life is simple, it is only possible when it becomes clear what drives one’s unique personal energy.  Ask yourself, are you living your best life?  If not, have a look at where your energy is out of sync.  You will probably be blown away by how simple it is to identify what you need to do to get your best life within your sights again.

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