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Burns-Hoffman Consulting Logo and Website

Mid-January 2017 saw the launch of the new Burns-Hoffman Consulting logo and website as seen on This marks the final stage of the transition from having worked with a national team to being a specialist consultant in the professional areas of work in which I have chosen to focus.

I am excited by the challenge of determining the impact of illness, disease and incapacity on the ability to work – and am equally passionate about the role that skills; knowledge; personal energy; character; personality (and more) play in the success of one’s position in the working world. The marriage between the incapacity work and the work carried out in my business coaching practice makes for a fabulously suited couple – each a perfect complement to the other.

Further to the above, at this advanced stage of my career, it is my wish to invest in the growth of my own profession via the development of a post-graduate level course in FCE specialist, expert witness and business training for Occupational Therapists. In this regard I am currently in the process of working with one of the leading universities in South Africa. It is our aim to deliver a course that encapsulates, teaches and shares some of the essential elements of law, business and professionalism required in servicing legal and corporate clients. More as the year unfolds….
For those who have been under the impression that the shift from Burns-Hoffman and Associates to Burns-Hoffman Consulting has somehow altered my focus completely, the list of services provided under my new banner can be found on the Burns-Hoffman Consulting website – summarised below:

  1.  MVA; medical negligence; public liability; rehabilitative maintenance and LRA schedule 8 assessments in the form of functional capacity evaluations and assessments.
  2. Risk related functional capacity evaluation work iro occupational disability; functional impairment and or other risk related contractual matters.
  3. Opinion work iro disability and death claims, particularly in disputed cases. These opinions may include that of one of the senior or junior counsel or one of the attorneys alongside whom I work when providing such opinions.
  4. Personal business coaching, including the coaching of claimants where such guidance is felt to be appropriate. Coaching and case management do not follow the same methodology, with the former probably being more sustainable and realistic via the means of personal and unique engagement with the individual concerned than the latter.
  5. Business coaching workshops
  6. On-line training for Occupational Therapists – in development phase.

Burns-Hoffman Consulting is surrounded by an exceptionally competent and extensively experienced legal and business management team who act both as a sounding board when necessary, as well as may be included in the services offered above (as noted).

I continue to travel when possible and am most willing to travel to the Eastern Cape; this is where I tend to spend time on a regular basis, being my ‘home’ province, and where my roots lie.
Medico-legal and risk work required in the East London, King Williams Town, Grahamstown, Fort Beaufort, Alice, Cathcart, Queenstown and Stutterheim areas are all those to which I would be happy to travel and share some of the related costs for the duration of 2017.

The fee structure for 2017 is as set out in the covering email accompanying this update.
Fees increased on 1 February 2017 and will apply to all matters referred from February onwards.
Discounts may be negotiated based on volumes of work and coaching fees may enjoy a discount if settled for 6 sessions or more in advance.Non-arrival fees and late cancellation fees apply in every instance such occurs, as do collapse fees on court related matters if not cancelled within 48 hours of the agreed time of appointment and or court date.
Regular updates and sharing of interesting, relevant and useful information can be found on the Burns-Hoffman Consulting and the Burns-Hoffman Coaching Facebook pages. Regular blogs and articles can be found on the website.1

It is always a privilege to be of service and I look forward to adding value to all clients, colleagues and friends in the coming months, as and when the occasion arises.
May 2017 be a spectacular year in every way.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

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1 The Professional Indemnity Insurer of Burns-Hoffman Consulting continues to be Zurich Insurance Company of South Africa Limited, recently bought out by a Canadian company, Fairfax. Griffin Risk Management remains the brokerage through which I have received the most superb service for the past 12 years.

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