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October 2021 Communique

“Life is like a landscape.  You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.”

Charles Lindbergh

How fast time goes …

It is hard to believe that 2022 will be the 35th year of my professional journey so far.  And what a fabulously exciting journey it has been; filled to the point of overflowing with all kinds of interesting, exciting, challenging – and sometimes difficult – learnings and experiences. 

Although there is much that could be shared and described from reflecting on the distance travelled to date, it is the joy of ‘giving back’ that is the focus of this communique. 

November 2021 will see the completion of the fifth and final year of convening and lecturing on the UCT Health Sciences certified program titled: The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professional

This program, born out of the desire to invest in the up-skilling of occupational therapists interested and or involved in medico-legal work, evolved into a post-graduate course available to all health professionals wishing to learn more about the world of litigation.  First launched in 2017, it has enjoyed the participation of a wide variety of specialists in different medical fields over the years.

Much to my delight, the accumulation of a portion of personal fees saw the granting of a bursary to a deserving Masters Occupational Therapy student in 2021, a practice that I plan to continue into the future, albeit via other means moving forward.  

November 2021 also sees the final day of lecturing on the second year of running the UCT Law@Work certified program: Life and Disability Claims: legal and practical management – another course that has invited a diverse group of attendees engaged in life insurance claims matters, situated within and outside of the industry.  This year’s group has a considerable medical presence, which led to some fascinating conversation around the assessment of Activities of Daily Living that would benefit from being explored further.

Sharing the valuable lessons learned and knowledge gained whilst operating in the ‘midst of it’ with those who relate, is deeply rewarding, and a profound return on investment on the years spent in the field.

To be involved in teaching, coaching and mentoring – all while swapping stories from the trenches past and present – must truly be one of the greatest privileges and highlights of any career. 

I would like to thank the incredible team at UCT Health Sciences CEU and the UCT Occupational Therapy Department for their enthusiasm and support; their encouragement and their tolerance and most of all, their hard work in ensuring the success of the health professionals program.   

Many thanks also to the most dynamic lecturing team, who have all so graciously and repeatedly dedicated professional time and expertise to this course – year after year – and from whom I continue to learn something new every time it runs. 

It has been a pleasure to get to know one another and discover ways in which to work together in a manner that brings life to the saying: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. 

Please contact should you be interested in attending the last two day on-line expert course for health professionals. The course takes 20 participants.

All the best for the last lap of 2021.

Kind regards


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