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Medicine, Maternity Care and Remote Site Health Management in Africa

It is well worth setting time aside to attend the webinar titled: ‘Medicine, Maternity Care and Remote Site Health Management in Africa’ on the 22nd of April 2021.

The two guest speakers – Ms Diana Carson (Managing Director of Response Med) and medical specialist, Dr Bea Andersen-Schipper – will share their experiences and insights on how best to service the beneficiary population in different cultural, rural and remote environments.

There are multiple challenges to delivering healthcare in rural communities, some of which may appear to be insurmountable at times.  At least, until a solution is found.  Both speakers are as familiar with the types of difficulties one faces in health care delivery in parts of East Africa, as they are with devising ways in which to overcome them.

Their talks will cover a variety of relevant areas of practice, including the need to take economic and cultural parameters into account;  developing a sustainable income stream; staff professionalism and commitment; equipment availability (or not); reliability of supply chains and the impact these have on the level of service provided.  Dr Bea will also share how she has managed to engage and secure the input of the Ministry of Health in setting up a 34 bed hospital in rural Kenya.

Diana will walk us through the realities of establishing remote site medical support projects, inclusive of the establishment of local clinics and the contribution to community health care within the surrounding areas of such projects.  She will also share some of her extensive knowledge and practical experience of establishing a 37 bed in-patient facility in East Somaliland, with a special focus on maternity care in an environment where mothers and their babies have historically been at high risk of not only birth trauma, but also loss of life. 

Having had the pleasure of working with Response Med – and Didi particularly – I can honestly say that she and Dr Bea are two of the most dynamic, powerful and impactful women one could ever wish to meet.

SAMLA, Genoa Underwriting Managers and Norton Rose Fulbright hope to see you there!


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