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May 2018 be the year of positive change

Although most of us are familiar with Ghandi’s words: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’, what many fail to grasp is the simplicity of applying Ghandi’s words in a practical and constructive sense in our own lives.

If we truly wish for change and genuinely seek to attain the goals set for the year ahead, it is imperative that we believe in our abilities, are able to visualise and ‘see’ our success and manage our thoughts accordingly.  As obtuse as it may appear, it is our thoughts that ultimately drive outcomes. If our thoughts are not aligned with how we see and what we want in the future it is probable that it will not unfold in the manner in which we had hoped.

The best goal setting and planning in the world, with the best coach in the world, will come to nought if our thoughts are in contradiction with what we seek.  What we think is a critical ingredient in making our lives the success we desire.

When life is not unfolding quite the way we would prefer, it is helpful to try to observe what we are thinking, as our thoughts lie at the root of our actions.  Our actions in turn will either lead us closer to our desired outcome or leave us in the same place.  At times they could even take us further away from our goals.

When considering the year ahead and striving for the goals set, remember that we are entirely in control of our thoughts and how we view the world.   Goals will always be challenged with setbacks from time to time, as a result of which it may be difficult to shift our thinking for a while – such is life.  The trick is being mindful of how we respond to and manage these setbacks and how we adapt to the circumstances.

The ability to change our thoughts, responses, actions and outcomes is entirely ours for the taking.  All we have to do is ‘be’ the change we want to see.

Written for the Bay Magazine January 2018 edition

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