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Fathering through entrepreneurship

wagon-wheelI write this article as a woman who has had the privilege of working with and alongside men in business for almost 30 years; a professional business owner and coach; wife and mother.

I cannot speak as a man; I can only share my experience of entrepreneurial fathers questioning whether they are ‘making the grade’ on all fronts.

Much is said and written about the managing the ‘work-life balance’; a great deal of which is fictional in-so-far as there is no given formula, no algorithm that provides the answer. This balance is personal, dynamic, changeable and entirely dependent on living the truth of one’s own definition of success. Success, in turn, translates to living in alignment with one’s personal values, beliefs and aspirations. In short, identifying, embracing and living one’s purpose.

Marrying fatherhood and the demands of entrepreneurship is a journey of ensuring that the energy invested into and required of both roles constantly instils and exponentially generates the awesomeness of living life to its fullest – in a way that is meaningful to and understood by the whole family.

Successful fathering, while pioneering and growing a business, is dependent on one’s ability to live one’s truth and adjusting life accordingly.  It is about digging deep, being honest with regard to what is most important and making the conscious choice to live one’s best – and unique – life.

When fathers ask whether they ‘tick the boxes’ of compliance in ‘getting it right’ my advice is:  find your truth; share it with those you love; connect, communicate and agree on the values that make your family situation unique; take the actions that resonate accordingly; live in alignment with who you are and enjoy it!

There is no greater gift a parent can give a child than illustrating the benefits of self-confidence by living your best life.


Written for and published in the Bay Magazine, June 2016

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