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The core services offered by Burns-Hoffman Consulting include the following:

Medico-legal Expert Assessments And Reports
Medico-legal expert assessments and reports

Expert assessments for MVA; medical negligence; public liability and other disability / incapacity; injury; ill-health or medical matters that require the assessment of functional ability, employability and vocational ability including commentary on the impact of injuries on activities of daily living;

personal life; recreational activities; general enjoyment of life; level of independence; financial status and the overall well-being of an individual.

Risk And Or Labour Functional Capacity Evaluations
Risk and or labour Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an objective evaluation and assessment that assists in determining the ability of the evaluated to function in a variety of circumstances, most often employment.

These assessments include the assessment of functional impairment, activities of daily living and activities of daily work, as uniquely set out in company specific policy wording and or Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act (1995).

Independent Opinions On Disability / Incapacity / Ill-health Matters
Independent opinions on disability / incapacity / ill-health matters

Clients, be they corporate or private individuals, who require an independent assessment of any given disability claims matter may seek such from Burns-Hoffman Consulting. This may include the assistance with the lodging of an…

application for a disability claim in the most succinct and professional manner possible, thereby assisting the Claims Assessor in expediting the assessment process and or it may include the provision of an independent opinion on the relationship between the merits of the matter and the specifics of the benefit under which an insured life is covered. The objectivity of such an opinion is guaranteed, irrespective of the position of the briefing party.

Return-to-work Case Management Processes And Programs, With Or Without Individual Coaching
Return-to-work case management processes and programs, with or without individual coaching

Although Burns-Hoffman Consulting designs and manages individual-specific return-to-work case management processes that include all relevant parties in the work re-entry and or re-deployment process, the preferred manner in which this type of process is managed is via a combination of personal coaching and case management.

The power of the engagement of the individual’s energy and encouragement of their personal responsibility with regard to work re-entry far outstrips the all too often experience of ‘pressure’ to go back to work via a case management process alone. The success and sustainability of any return-to-work program is directly linked to the personal energy of the individual, irrespective of the functional challenges experienced by such individual.

The Assessment Of Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance And Return-to-work Capability In Divorce Matters
The assessment of rehabilitative spousal maintenance and return-to-work capability in divorce matters

This particular – and unique – type of assessment is designed to evaluate the suitability of a spouse to re-enter the open labour market; determine the need for and type of up-skilling required and assist in setting out the envisaged work re-entry time line taking various personal and or family factors into account.

Although often seen to lie in the expert domain of an Industrial Psychologist, it is Elise’s combination of professional skills and experience that make this type of assessment a special offering under the banner of Burns-Hoffman Consulting, drawing on her understanding of the relevance of various medical and or psychological; financial; business; training and development; skills transferability; working environmental factors and life circumstances.

Personal Career And Business Coaching
Personal career and business coaching

Personal career and business coaching revolves around the identification of the unique, individual processes required in aligning one’s career, work and life choices in such a manner as to ensure living one’s “best life” and enjoying sustained professional, as well as personal, success. Personal career and business coaching extends across all age groups and includes input and guidance on business structure,…

strategy, vision and purpose, amongst other factors.
Personal and career business coaching is offered locally via one-on-one sessions in person, as well as via the use of Skype for international clients.
The objectivity of such an opinion is guaranteed, irrespective of the position of the briefing party.

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