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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
Warren Buffet

The core services offered by Burns-Hoffman Consulting include the following:

Medico-legal Expert Assessments And Reports In Litigation Matters

Medico-legal expert assessments and reports in litigation matters

Medico-legal expert assessments are completed in MVA; medical negligence; professional negligence; public liability and other disability / incapacity, injury, ill-health or medical matters that require the assessment of functional ability, employability and vocational ability including commentary on the impact of injuries on activities of daily living; personal life; recreational activities; general enjoyment of life; level of independence; financial status and the overall well-being of an individual.

Burns-Hoffman Consulting prides itself on flexibility with regard to being available to work in the most appropriate venue selected for assessment, as well as the delivery of a medico-legal report within 10 to 14 working days post-assessment.

Labour Functional Capacity Evaluations Employment

Labour Functional Capacity Evaluations Employment

This type of functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an objective evaluation and assessment that assists in determining the ability of the individual (employee) to function (or not) in the employment environment. These assessments focus on the assessment of functional impairment in relation to the ability of an individual to meet the outputs required in activities of daily work and identifying the relevant accommodation of incapacity in the work place, as uniquely set out in company specific policy wording and or Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.

Independent Determination Of The Suitability Of Employment Of Those With A Disability As Per The Employment Equity Act (EEA)

Independent determination of the suitability of employment of those with a disability as per the Employment Equity Act (EEA)

Whilst the criteria for employment of those with a disability as per the EEA indicate the need for a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment which substantially limits their prospects of entry into or advancement in, employment, the reality is that many organisations fail to appreciate the complexity of assessing and balancing the facts in this regard.

The understanding and determination of long-term and recurring, substantially limiting and entry into / advancement in employment are not simple matters and require a unique combination of business and medical skills in reaching the correct outcome.  The fact that WHO has recognised South Africa to be the poorest employer of those with disabilities is testimony to the apparent confusion as to how to apply the above-mentioned criteria in the workplace.

Our independent review of the facts provides industry with the objective assessment required.

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is the right thing to do.”

Potter Stewart, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court


Independent Expert Opinion On Disability / Incapacity / Ill-health Matters

Independent expert opinion on disability / incapacity / ill-health matters

Clients, be they corporate or private individuals, who require an independent assessment of any given disability claims matter may seek professional, expert assistance from Burns-Hoffman Consulting.

Services in this regard may include the assistance with the lodging of an application for a disability claim in the most succinct and professional manner possible, thereby assisting the Claims Assessor in expediting the assessment process and or it may include the provision of an independent opinion on the relationship between the merits of the matter and the specifics of the benefit under which an insured life is covered.

Elise has the unique benefit of the combination of risk claims, and medical, legal and disability assessment skills to provide a robust and objective opinion that is able to withstand dispute – including litigation.

The objectivity of such an opinion is guaranteed, irrespective of the position of the briefing party.

The Assessment Of Rehabilitative Spousal Maintenance And Return-to-work Capability In Divorce Matters

The assessment of rehabilitative spousal maintenance and return-to-work capability in divorce matters

This unique type of assessment is designed to evaluate the suitability of a spouse to re-enter the open labour market; determine the need for and type of up-skilling required and assist in setting out the envisaged work re-entry timeline, taking various personal and or family factors into account.

Although often seen to lie in the expert domain of an Industrial Psychologist, it is Elise’s combination of professional skills and experience that make this type of assessment a special offering under the banner of Burns-Hoffman Consulting, drawing on her understanding of the relevance of various medical and or psychological; financial; business; training and development; skills transferability; working environmental factors and life circumstances.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.’  Aldo Gucci

Facilitated Mediation

Facilitated mediation

Facilitated mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that engages the involved parties in such manner as to encourage – i.e. facilitate – the negotiation between them in order to attain a mutually acceptable, timeous and cost-effective outcome.

It is a non-directive, non-evaluative process that allows time for the parties to tell their story and present their case through the facilitator, whose primary role is to reach a meeting of the minds through listening, acknowledging and discovering resolution.

The leadership, management and coaching experience Elise has enjoyed the privilege of receiving and applying throughout her 30+ year career add value to her capabilities as a mediator, setting her apart in the use of this tool in medical negligence and disability claims disputes.

Mediation is a time and cost effective tool for all parties concerned.

UCT Certified Training Course: The Provision Of Expert Opinion And Evidence As A Health Professional

UCT certified training course: The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professional

This three day course is designed to inform, instruct and assist health professionals in their knowledge, understanding and experience of working in the medico-legal / forensic litigation environment.  It is the only experiential training of its kind for health professionals in South Africa currently, run in conjunction with and certified by the UCT Health Sciences Faculty.

The course content includes relevant aspects of law; extensive experiential training in giving testimony under examination-in-chief and cross-examination, as well as general principles and guidelines for assessment and report writing in the medico-legal arena.

The lecture team is made up of a retired judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal, four counsel (two senior and two junior) and Elise.  The course is designed to be either an open course or discipline specific, depending on the needs of medical professionals.

Elise donates a portion of the professional fees earned to a not for profit invested in the future education of young South Africans. In the past this has included the UCT Occupational Therapy Department and the African Scholars Fund.

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’

Benjamin Franklin

Personal Business Coaching

Personal business coaching

Personal career and business coaching revolves around the identification of the unique, individual processes required in aligning one’s career, work and life choices in such a manner as to ensure living one’s “best life” and enjoying sustained professional, as well as personal, success.

Personal career and business coaching extends across all age groups and includes input and guidance on business structure strategy, vision and purpose, amongst other factors.

Coaching is offered locally via one-on-one sessions in person, as well as via the use of Skype for international clients.


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