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Communique Collection

Learning – sharing – celebrating success, together

Success belongs to the relentless learners.  Because as you know more, you can achieve more” Robin Sharma

The expert witness and the art of listening

There is a striking moment during the café scene in the movie Before Sunset in which the leading actress Julie Delpy, playing the role of Céline, describes…

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The provision of sustained quality patient care is rooted in the health of the practitioner

Burnout is neither a new concept, nor a new experience to many who work in the demanding environment of healthcare. There is any number of…

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The Provision of Expert Evidence & Opinion as a Health Professional – course program

Many experts involved in the provision of medico-legal assessments and insurance opinions have not ever seen the inside of a court room or been 'in…

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Insights from the edge …

In this communique I have chosen to share a few of the insights gained since commencing the interesting professional lifestyle of working from both a…

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The benefits of sound ergonomics in the workplace

In an earlier article (“Depression in the workplace – shifting perspective and changing the conversation” - May 2018) I referred to the importance of leadership…

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‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way’

Do you see the duck or the rabbit? One of the greatest lessons learned during my professional career to date is that there is always…

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Depression in the workplace – shifting perspective and changing the conversation

The existence and impact of depression in the workplace has been, and continues to be, the focus of many global studies. It is also a…

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Extending BH Consulting into the Eastern Cape

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” Simon Sinek The extreme adventurer and…

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Financial advisors and the ROI of time spent with a business coach

“All it takes is one new insight or idea, strongly acted on, to take you to a completely different place” - Robin Sharma Recently I…

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The importance of professional purpose as an expert witness

The medico-legal expert witness space appears to have started to become rather crowded in recent years, with an increasing number of health professionals believing this…

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Making the impossible, possible – Braam Malherbe

Braam Malherbe International motivational speaker - MC - extreme adventurer – conservationist - youth developer -TV presenter and author of the best seller: The Great…

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Without proper communication in the claims process, innovation has limited utility

It struck me during a recent conversation with a long-time colleague in the risk claims domain, that the drive for innovation in the disability claims…

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Incapacity and disability insurance – the great divide

Income replacement and lump sum disability insurance benefits are taken out by employers all over the world, giving them the peace of mind that their…

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The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professional registration form

Course Invitation_Provision of Expert Opinion & Evidence_2018

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The Provision of Expert Opinion & Evidence for Health Professionals – June 2018

UCT Health Sciences Faculty and Burns-Hoffman Consulting are delighted to announce the dates of the next course in:  The Provision of Expert Opinion & Evidence as…

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Managing incapacity in the workplace is a specialist’s domain

From the desk of Global Business Solutions: "We, at Global Business Solutions, are proud to welcome Elise on board as a consultant as we know…

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