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Expert Training For Health Professionals – November 2019

Expert training for Health Professionals – November 2019

The next training course for Health Professionals who are involved – or wish to become involved – in The Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence, will run from the 27th to the 29th of November 2019.

Having received some disturbing feedback regarding the methods and mannerisms adopted by various professionals during expert assessments from a number of individuals assessed in recent times, as well as from briefing attorneys, it is evident that this type of training is much needed.

Irrespective of how excellent a health professional one might be, the demands and expectations made of those who engage in the provision of expert opinion and evidence, are not simply learned ‘on the job’ as the years of professional experience mount up.

This kind of work requires its own set of skills, based on knowledge and understanding of the legislative and legal environment, as well as knowledge of the preferred method(s) of weighing up, balancing and presenting evidence.

The very reason this particular UCT course only takes 20 participants is because of the experiential and interactive nature of the learning and practice required for successful participation in the expert witness domain.

The approach and methodology adopted in the Provision of Expert Opinion and Evidence as a Health Professionals course ought not to be confused as being the same as – or even similar to – the SAMLA course. These courses are complimentary, rather than competitive in nature.

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