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Burns-Hoffman Consulting specialises in the provision of expert medico-legal assessment reports in the domains of accidental injury (MVA), public liability and medical negligence claims; as well as provides independent specialist functional capacity evaluations, case management interventions and opinions in the life insurance and labour related incapacity / disability domains. A further area of expert opinion provided outside of the above is in the area of divorce rehabilitative maintenance.

Elise Burns-Hoffman, who founded Burns-Hoffman and Associates (now Burns-Hoffman Consulting) and led the national BH&A consulting team from January 2005 until 1 July 2016, makes use of her expert skills, knowledge and experience gained over the past 25 years of working within the professional areas of occupational therapy; life insurance and reinsurance risk management; MVA, medical negligence and other litigation matters, including those arising from incapacity issues as set out under Labour Law and rehabilitative maintenance assessments in divorce matters.

Further to the above Elise incorporates into her daily work her considerable experience in and continued practice as an individual business coach in the working world, where understanding of the possession and application of unique and general skills in specific work environments, combined with the personal energy of the individual, is imperative – and is the 'key to success'.

The exposure to and the assessment of hundreds of actual working environments, job titles, key performance areas of work in different industries – white and blue collar, national and international - adds tremendous value to the determination of an individual's ability to work, with or without having suffered an injury and or ill-health. It is this very real understanding of the world of work that enables Burns-Hoffman Consulting to provide the level of professional opinion that is required when facing challenge and or cross-examination.

Burns-Hoffman Consulting has a flexible approach to the manner in which assessments of individuals are carried out and accommodates such wherever it makes the most sense for the client. This may be in Burns-Hoffman consulting rooms in Wynberg, Cape Town; at the work place of the individual, which inevitably includes a worksite evaluation; the individual's home or some other venue of choice.

The previous BH&A national consulting team – all qualified Occupational Therapists who have furthered their qualifications - developed a reputation for providing comprehensive, robust and reliable reports completed and delivered in one of the fastest turn-around-times in the above-mentioned domains of professional consulting work. Burns-Hoffman Consulting continues to carry this reputation forward.

See 'About BH&A Team' for further information on each of the professional team members, all of whom became available as independent consultants as of 1 July 2016.

Elise Burns-Hoffman

Elise Burns-Hoffman

Elise obtained her Occupational Therapy degree in 1987, completed a one year Certificate of Proficiency in Life Assurance in 1990 and obtained a Certificate in Law through UNISA in 2001. She held Claims Management positions with three international Reinsurance companies in South Africa and was one of the founding directors of a Lireas Holdings backed company before launching Burns-Hoffman and Associates in January 2005. BH&A enjoyed a national presence in South Africa and was represented in four provinces between 2005 and mid-2016.

Elise is passionate about work environments, the relationship between skills, productivity, personal energy and the role these factors (and more) play in individuals finding purpose in their careers. In addition to her extensive exposure to the world of work in the medico-legal and risk domains, she enjoys working with a substantial personal business coaching client base in Cape Town, as well as globally over Skype. Elise is also the Case Manager for the Red Tab Foundation of Levi Strauss in South Africa, a unique role she has enjoyed since 2008.

She co-authored the handbook titled 'Know your Rights, Claim your Rights' while holding the position of Chief Executive Officer at The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa on a part-time basis in 2012 (, and designed a unique employee case management service under the company name Energyworks in 2014, now combined with the work she does under Burns-Hoffman Consulting.

The decision to alter the structure of BH&A to Burns-Hoffman Consulting was driven by Elise's desire to combine her diverse skills set in such manner as to enhance the various areas of her professional service offering, allow her more flexibility and capacity with regard taking on specific expert matters and enable her focus on aspects of training and development for Occupational Therapists operating in similar professional environments.

Tel: +27 (0) 21 785-2878
Cell: +27 (0) 83 627-5584

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