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Burns-Hoffman Consulting specialises in the provision of expert medico-legal assessment reports in the domains of MVA, public liability and medical negligence claims, as well as independent specialist functional capacity evaluations and opinions in the disability insurance and labour related incapacity domains.

A further area of expert opinion is in the area of rehabilitative maintenance in divorce matters, which draws on the unique professional experience and understanding of skills transferability that flow from years of multi-faceted professional exposure enjoyed by Burns-Hoffman Consulting to date.

Unique professional experience and understanding of skills transferability that flow from years of multi-faceted professional exposure enjoyed by Burns-Hoffman Consulting

Elise Burns-Hoffman

eliseElise obtained her Occupational Therapy degree from UCT in 1987; completed a one year Certificate of Proficiency in Life Assurance in 1990; obtained a Certificate in Law through UNISA in 2001 and became a certified mediator in 2017 through the UCT-MIM training program. She held Claims Management positions with three international Reinsurance companies in South Africa and was one of the founding directors of a Lireas Holdings backed company before launching Burns-Hoffman and Associates in January 2005.

Burns-Hoffman and Associates enjoyed a national presence in South Africa and was represented in four provinces between 2005 and mid-2016. Elise chose to alter the business structure from the second half of 2016 onwards so as to enable her to focus on specific areas of professional interest, expand her business coaching practice nationally and globally, while also investing back into the training of health professionals who choose to become litigation / forensic experts in their field. The latter gave rise to the first ever South African university certified expert witness training course for health professionals, run in conjunction with the UCT Health Sciences Faculty.

Elise held the position of Case Manager for the Red Tab Foundation of Levi Strauss in South Africa, forming part of the global Red Tab team from 2008 until early 2017, at which stage she elected to resign so as to pass the baton on. She considers the work carried out for the Red Tab Foundation to have been one of her greatest career privileges experiencedto date given the immense learning and understanding gained with regard to the challenges of the production environment.

During 2012 Elise held the position of Chief Executive Office of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa and co-authored the handbook titled ‘Know your Rights, Claim your Rights’, a publication that has been used by many law faculties across South Africa and has since extended into a second, updated edition in 2016.

She founded a company by the name of Energyworks (Pty) Ltd in early 2014, but elected to incorporate the clientele service by this company into the business coaching domain of Burns-Hoffman Consulting during 2015.

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Our Services

The core services offered by Burns-Hoffman Consulting include the following:

Medico-legal Expert Assessments & Reports
Medico-legal expert assessments & reports

Expert assessments for MVA; medical negligence; public liability and other disability / incapacity; injury; ill-health or medical matters that require the assessment of functional ability…

Risk & Or Labour Functional Capacity Evaluations
Risk & or labour Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an objective evaluation and assessment that assists in determining the ability of the evaluated to function in a variety of circumstances, most often employment…

Independent Opinions On Incapacity / Ill-health Matters
Independent opinions on incapacity / ill-health matters

Clients, be they corporate or private individuals, who require an independent assessment of any given disability claims matter may seek such from Burns-Hoffman Consulting…

Return-to-work Case Management Processes
Return-to-work case management processes

Although Burns-Hoffman Consulting designs and manages
individual-specific return-to-work case management processes that include all relevant parties in the work re-entry and or re-deployment process…

Return-to-work Capability In Divorce Matters
Return-to-work capability in divorce matters

This particular – and unique – type of assessment is designed to evaluate the suitability of a spouse to re-enter the open labour market…

Personal Career & Business Coaching
Personal career & business coaching

Personal career and business coaching revolves around the identification of the unique, individual processes required in aligning one’s career…

Facilitated Mediation
Facilitated mediation

Facilitated mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that focuses on reaching an agreement between the parties while maintaining focus on dignity….

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